Sweet Quilts

Found these sweet quilts on Etsy.  Haven't seen some of these fabrics in a while!


Vickie said...

Always a fan of your work. Seeing some of these made me think of this quilt: http://www.flickr.com/photos/40025091@N03/4539075565/in/set-72157622818239227/
D loves it, too! Loves to use it for a tent and for snuggling.

Jean Kovath said...

I am so honored that you featured my little quilts on your blog. I love your fabric, as you can see and I have more in my stash for future quilts. The reason you see these older lines now is that I am a bit a fabric hoarder- if I really love it, I find it very hard to cut into!
Thank you....

Ann Pezzoli said...

These quilts are great! Love them and all the others Jean has made, along with her line of purses. Thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

Those are so tempting for me!
I am so in love with Gavin's beautiful quilt and his baby sister needs one too :)

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks for the photo - it came out great.