Surprise Wednesday

I had a crazy day yesterday full of surprises! I went to my PO Box which is in a Hallmark gift shop and saw these adorable fabric animal purses and then noticed this horse was made out of On A Whim 2 flowers and stripes.

Then when I got home I found a surprise package from Highlights with this inside -

A platinum plate award for best illustration for a mini-book in 2010. Yay! I love surprises.


rubyslipperz said...

Congratulations! How cool is THAT!
I "walked" around your blog and you have some really neat things to look at! Your books and your fabric... fun, fun, fun!


Jaime said...

congrats! hope you have a champers to celebrate.

caroline said...

well done on the gorgeous plate!! And how lovely it must be to stumble across something made up with your fabric! It is gorgeous!

Corinnea said...

Cool! That has to be so fun to see your fabric like that! Congrats on the high five honor.

Red Fish Circle said...

thanks so much Corinnea, Caroline, Jaime, and Annie for your lovely comments.