A Birthday Card and A Dress Pattern

I was in Barnes and Noble this past weekend and they have quite a large selection of Unicef cards. I found this card that features an illustration of mine. it is hard to see here, but a few of the birds are metallic with silver glitter spirals. in the background.

Then I was in a fabric store and decided to look through the pattern books. I found several patterns that had my fabrics in the photos - an unexpected surprise,  here is a floral from my original On A Whim collection.


Nina said...

No way! I've been reading your blog for several months now - but my mom sent me your card a couple years ago, probably for a birthday or 'thinking of you' - so weird! I loved it so much that I hung it on a bulletin board while I was in college - just recently I chopped it up (& other cards my mom had sent me over the years) and used the images to sort of decoupage a picture frame. Your birds were my favorite details in the project. What a funny coincidence. :)

Red Fish Circle said...

That IS wild, I have never seen the card before, I never knew if or how they used the artwork as it was a direct sale. That is so cool!