The House of Joy

It is our house anniversary on the 10th of this month. When we bought our house north of Atlanta 14 years ago, the woman who owned it told us the cabin was known as "The House of Joy" We live in a lakeside community that was a vacation resort for wealthy Atlantans in the '20s and '30s and our house was one of the original cabins. The story goes that our house was the town brothel and that Al Capone vacationed here. It is unusual to see homes with any history attached in Atlanta because of the destruction during the Civil War. I have been meaning to put some signage in the house for 14 years now and finally did it. If living in a house of joy isn't enough - we live on Lake Cherful (pronounced "cheerful") - a melding of the names of the two counties it sits on. One time many years ago I shared the story with a woman who helped me with housecleaning. She told me it should be called "The House of Love", which I think to this day was one of the nicest compliments I ever got. I have noticed that our house loves to entertain. It is hard to describe, but when we have people over, the house sort of comes alive. There is a magical quality that permeates the air. It is something indescribable, but this house definitely seems to have a soul.

Here is the flip side of the room.


corinnea said...

As I anticipate a huge move, I love reading things like this. My house may not be my forever home but I am looking forward to making it my family's sanctuary.

That is a lovely room and the mirror is awesome. I love huge mirrors.

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks Corinnea, the mirror is a recent purchase to replace an old vintage mirror that went with the vintage dresser. We flipped when we saw it - it literally doubles the size of the room. Good luck with your move.

Vintage Cherubs said...

That is such a terrific history and I love your signage. The House of Joy on Lake Cherful - love it! We built our home 10 years ago but to have a home with history to boot - fabulous. xo

Jannie aka Chickengirl said...

Living in the house of joy-how awesome :-)