Do Dogs Dream?

"Do Dogs Dream?" is now available in the UK. It is a follow up to "Why is the Sky Blue?" and part of the My World series published by Ladybird Books. Written by Geraldine Taylor and illustrated by me.

Available in the US here. I don't see it on Amazon in the US but it is on Amazon UK.

Available in Australia here and here.

This is the cover art.

And a peek inside-


Suzy G. said...

Can we find this in the US?

Red Fish Circle said...

I will definitely let you know!

messyfish said...

omg! 2 more in the series! I cant wait to get my hands on them. I am keeping them for myself, but buying them with the intention of giving them to baby messyfish. Do you do the fold out designs too? Or is that a separate thing?

kim said...

oh, can't wait to see them in person! will look on amazon today (got a gift certificate for my birthday!) :D