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Inky's Amazing Escape

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"Schimler-Safford’s engaging mixed-media collages in realistic colors, some reminiscent of Eric Carle, fill the page and beautifully complement the narrative—readers will want to closely inspect all the details.".... "VERDICT Montgomery’s expertise and the gorgeous illustrations make this a fine purchase for libraries serving early elementary students. 
- School Library Journal

"The mixed-media illustrations
make good use of dynamic spreads, color, and texture—perfect for a book on a master of camouflage." - Booklist

"Textured mixed-media collages by Schimler-Safford (Hidden City) playfully evoke underwater scenes with brilliant hues. Inky regards the world with eager, lightly anthropomorphized googly eyes, but he’s never over-romanticized and emerges as a wily, winning personality."

Hidden City

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"breathtaking digital collages...", "Schimler-Safford's brightly shaded collages, often reproduced in double page spreads, create a dazzling, multidimensional effect..."  - Kirkus Reviews

"richly textured digital illustrations" - Publisher's Weekly

"Bright collage illustrations capture the frenetic energy of city life, offering up levels of detail that will entertain kids through repeated readings. . . . An exuberant, early-STEM romp that celebrates the environment." - Booklist

Flood Warning

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"The pictures are never sensationalized, however, using warm, cheery tones and portraying people calmly and safely avoiding harm." - Horn Book Review

" Schimler-Safford's mixed media collages work equally well in large and small-scale portrayals of floods...." BCCB

"Using a soft, deep palette, the digitally enhance, mixed-media collage illustrations support the test well and reinforce its tone of caution rather than alarm" -Booklist

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