New Book Available for Pre Order

My new book with Ladybird Books is due out this April and is available for pre-order.


Suzy G. said...

I loved that elephant story! great links!

chq said...

I'm going to buy one of your books Alton - he's getting to be just the right age!

P.S. The pattern's done!!! Yeah!!!

Have a good weekend!


coloredsock said...

ok, now i'm REALLY getting sidetracked with all the great links you posted! i went thru all of them. such good inspiration!! the baby especially liked a nina simone song on the dear ada site. hee. thanks--and i'll try to post some things soon in return.

ps i love the dog on the cover of the new book! how exciting!!

Betsy Snyder said...

Hi Amy...I'm loving the "Do Dogs Dream?" book...that looks super cute! Thanks for sharing all your new goodies:)