More Monoprints and a Monkey Sighting

I spent the day yesterday printing (monoprints). Here are some pics -

One of the finished prints -

I loved how the inked plate looked after I pulled one of the prints -

I noticed this on the newsprint when I was all done -

So I get this e-mail this morning from Lizzy House and this really cute photo attached, made my day:

"I was at Epcot, and there was this little boy running around the Canada exhibit, and I saw his shirt, and realized it was your fabric. I asked his Mom if I could take a picture of him because I knew the designer of the fabric. She said sure, and then directed me to the Grandma, who had made the shirt. I told her that you were a friend of mine and she was very excited. She started listing all the things that she had made using your fabric. Needless to say, she likes it. The little boy was a doll, and the monkeys were appropriate.

It just goes to show, it's a small world, after all."


coloredsock said...

ok, Amy, so sometimes you just have to frame the plate! i'm in LOVE with that plate after you printed it. it's GORGEOUS. so sensitive and interesting and ... and that little boy musta made your day. he's too cute in your monkey print!

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks Jenny! That is what I love so much about printing. You think you know what you want to do and then there are all these surprises!

marlenedesigner said...

That was a lovely email and picture!

Karine said...

Oh how cool - to have a friend spot your fabric and then meet a fan of yours!!! Yay! And the photo of that little boy is so cute. You are so cool.

I love your monotype. How funny, that sometimes my newsprint is just as interesting to me as the prints! I am glad you experience that, too. Happy Valentine's Day,