Finding Forest Fun Fabrics

Say that five times fast! I am getting lots of e-mails regarding where to find the new fabrics. Spice Berry Cottage and Lucky Kaeru Fabrics on Etsy have some in stock. I think it will hit most retailers that have been carrying my fabrics in the next couple of weeks.

And (thanks Melanie), they are also here.


Melanie O said...

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that Some Art Fabric has just listed Forest Fun, too!
Their site: http://www.someartfabric.com/
My blog, where I try to keep track of these sorts of things! The Fabric Shopper:

Red Fish Circle said...

thanks Melanie!

Melanie O said...

Ooops! Put in the wrong link for my blog! (although you can find it my clicking on my name, I'm sure!)
The Fabric Shopper

SewAmy said...

thank you so much for the links.