Sailing Through Summer

Wowsers, I am busy.... I just wrapped up illustrating two children's books, one for Little Simon and one for Ladybird Books. I am satisfied with both projects... the book for Little Simon will be called "What Do You See?" and is a book about endangered animals. Full of grainy texture and earthy hues... it was so much fun and both art directors have been dreamy to work with. I have another Ladybird title that I illustrated last year due to come out in Sept. It is hard waiting to see the finished product... it is a long time in the kitchen. I will be sure to link to all books when they are completed, for now, though, it is frustrating but I cannot show the work yet. It does make me want to illustrate my own stories, I have a couple in mind.... now if I can just find some time:). But of course I know, I am going to have to make some.

I also just sent bunches of artwork to Robert Kaufman for the next collection due out Octoberish.... so stay tuned. Working on some new designs for my rep for the fall season. And I ordered three bolts of Creatures and Critters fabric (choices influenced by your comments and what was available - so big thanks to all of you who left a comment) to put in the etsy shop...hopefully soon..

So lots of new fun stuff coming....
Have a lovely weekend.


coloredsock said...

AWESOME, Amy! i can't wait to see (your new books and add them to my collection! i'm sure they are wonderful. and YOUR stories--YES--i'm waiting patiently for those, too! mmm, and the new fabrics, too. that is really exciting. the energy of this post is contagious. xo

Brit said...

those boats are adorable, so far everything I see of yours I'm totally drawn too! I have a hard time finding it in stores which is weird since I Live in the PNW and you would think it would be more available, I guess you are still as secret!!

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks so much, what a compliment. That design is not a fabric, that is why you can't find it. The only fabrics I have are the ones on the Robert Kaufman site. This is a design I did with the purpose of selling to a children's clothing manufacturer, that is where a lot of my design work ends up.

tiel said...

i can't wait to see...I know what you mean about the not being able to show and tell part.

I like the idea that you should do your own books.

Hey, maybe we should do a collaborative children's book. across the seas so to speak.

in our spare time that is!!!

ellencrimitrent said...

well, well, well you little busy bee!! Good for you, I am not that busy these days but will be getting there for sure soon!!

Congrads on the children's book thing. I am looking to some myself!!