It's That Time Again...

Time to feature some of your work using my fabrics with Kaufman.... Soooo creative!
Happy ogling:)

You can see more here.


Sweet November

Florrie Marie

L is for Lovely

Odds n' Blobs

Bubbles and Mimi

Earth Groovz


Bea Binney

A La Mode Fabric


Mandi said...

Ok as if your fabrics weren't cute enough, these people made gorgeous things with your work! I love it!

Red Fish Circle said...

Oh Thanks Mandi. I am continuously blown away by the creativity here.

Astrid said...

People make some gorgeous stuff with your fabric, and I just love being inspired! And thank you so much for adding my Frida's little apron to your blog. It fits her perfectly now, she has just learned to sit upright, and she looks SO sweet wearing it with all those colourful birds! Thanks for your creativity! ;)

wondermommy said...

Those all such gorgeous creations!

Karine said...

That was fun! Your fabrics becoming all those different incredible things. You must feel so proud.

astrid said...

I just love the loop-knees of the little birds: makes ME weak in my knees.