Etsy Fabric Finds

I am so blown away by everyone's creativity and talent here... and thanks so much for choosing my fabrics to work with!


Chew Chews Closet (etsy.com)

The Velvet Patch (etsy.com)

Colby Lane Designs (etsy.com)


Arfeinel (etsy.com)

Qbubaby (etsy.com)

Ainsley and Oswald (etsy.com)

Sewfoxyboutique (etsy.com)

Fresh Bread (etsy.com)


Fresh Bread (etsy.com)

MM Design (etsy.com)

Valley Momma Boutique (etsy.com)


Red Fish Circle said...

I am sorry, I seem to have lost the link for this cute little frog dress. I may have gotten the name of the shop wrong, I will keep searching for it, if anyone has seen it on etsy, please send me the link...thanks.

coloredsock said...

those are all so awesome, amy! and, oh i'm in love with that little frog dress...you have inspired SO many people to play and create!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of them... everything is so so cute. Your fabrics look great!

ChatRabbit said...

Your fabrics are really speaking to the sewing community- I have seen a bunch of items popping up on etsy. They truly "ASK" to be made into something!

Mary said...

Beautiful Designs and of course, BEAUTIFUL FABRIC, I am a Big Fan, Hugs, Mary

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks... for the lovely comments :)

Josephine Cameron said...

those owl shoes! fantastic!

sassypriscilla said...

I finally saw your fabric in person and I cannot believe how much I love it. I can't wait to go back to the store and pick some up (impatient 4-year-old who might appear ungrateful as it turns out to be the would-be recipient of anything I make with your fabric was with me). The birds kill me but then there are the turtles and snails and and and...

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks so much, let me know if you make anything with them...so glad you like them.

Valley Momma said...

your fabrics are just awesome! i love everyone of them i have bought! the owls are simply my favorite. :)