I did a fun swap with my new flickr friend, multi talented Amy from Aquabeet. In exchange for a couple of yards of three of my fabrics, I received a handmade silver bracelet. Amy makes bracelets with customized inscriptions along with other really fun jewelery.

When posed with the question of what word to inscribe on my bracelet, I tossed around a few choice words.... but landed on this favorite word that my son uttered one evening while we were eating dinner. We were eating fresh corn on the cob when my son picked up his corn and it sort of flopped over. He was maybe four, five, or six years old... and he said, "Hey, this corn is kerflendable!". It was the perfect word for the situation (onomatopoeia - remember that from English class?), very poetic. Our family adopted the word into our everyday language, and surprisingly it fit many situations. So that is the word I chose, for so many reasons, but it applies to where I am right now...be flexible, loosen up, relax, go with the flow, change it up, laugh.... this is the space I am aiming for, so now my bracelet will be a daily reminder. Thanks Amy! I can't wait to see the aprons you sew with the fabrics.

It was a week of treats. Look what I bought from Blossom Toys on etsy.com. I couldn't resist - they are so cute and very well made.


ChatRabbit said...

I got me the owl ball from Blossom Toys, too- what a sweet little package!

Sonja said...

What a pretty bracelet! I'm liking the torquoise/silver combination with the wood of the star, too. Eye candy!

Red Fish Circle said...

Oh, I forgot to mention the star. this was an extra little ornament that Amy made. It is actually metal, with a spiral in the center and metal "stardust". Quite nice!
She sells those as well.

And thanks Liz for sharing about your purchase. I was cracking up that neither of us have babies to give the rattle balls to. They do make for fun playthings at any age and decorative too.

Mellissa - wondermommy said...

The bracelet is lovely and I love the word that you chose.

I also love those balls, they are the cutest things.

Amy Volchok said...

Hello all of you! Amy (from aquabeet) here - Just wanted to thank Amy (from Red Fish Circle) again for the write up.
And to tell you that the star that you see in the photo is made of copper with a brass swirl in the middle.

melissa@yummygoods said...

Hey Amy! saw your line in the new fabric section of Quilter's Newsletter today! Way to go!