All We Really Need

It is with such a heavy heart that I share the news of our sweet Bean's passing. Because of her rapidly declining health we had to make the difficult decision to put her down to spare her any more suffering. She was a beautiful Italian Greyhound with a personality to match - we jokingly called her "Best in Show" as we knew she would have been a contender. She was like a movie star of dogs.
Beans loved everyone she met showering them with tail whips and kisses, but she could sniff out whose attention was honest and she would be sure to love those people especially hard.

She was all about the love - a giant heart with four legs. Just like her beloved Vi, she brought out the best in people and helped me to see them differently and open my heart a little wider. I will miss the way she would jump on our swivel chairs and spin the kids around amidst their giggles trying to nuzzle down behind them and finally settling down with a hhrmmph. She made the best little grunts when you squeezed her, I confess I would squeeze her a little harder and a little more often just to hear them. She had human hand paws and could swipe just about anything off of a table top and she figured out how to get around the child proof locks. When people spent the night they were forewarned to move their personal items, as she loved to steal grooming products, especially toothbrushes. She had a beautiful prancing gait and would glide over the ground with a Disneyesque grace. We loved how her skinny neck fit through our porch railing perfectly. But my favorite is how she was always looking to get warm and would bury her head under your arm, ostrich-like.

Vi's favorite Bean's moment was when she crawled up under her sweater, popped her head out of the collar, nuzzled her head in Vi's neck and fell asleep. They simply adored one another. That is how I choose to remember them both. When you put two souls together that can love as freely as they did, it is a shower of love. I am standing with my hands stretched wide open, face up, opening my heart, and letting the love in.


Josephine Cameron said...

What a beautiful post, Amy. I hope their shower of love will continue to rain on you for a long, long time.

shepherdgirl said...

We raise our hearts, hooves, paws and ears up to the sky tonight, Amy. Here's to Beans, always here, now there.

Love from the farm.

Joan said...

Amy, I am so sorry for your loss. Beans sounds like such a sweetie & I know you will miss her. Thank you for telling how wonderful she was.

Red Fish Circle said...

Thanks for the kind comments, I at first resisted posting these memories of Beans, too painful and personal. But love trumps all. I just have no choice but to share the love.

Frizz said...

My heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to lose a pet.