Robert's Snow

Children's illustrator Grace Lin started the fundraiser, Robert's Snow, in 2004 to help raise money for cancer research after her husband, Robert Mercer, was diagnosed with sarcoma. Sadly he lost his battle with the cancer this past August.

Many children's illustrators have painted wooden snowflakes for the 2007 Robert's Snow benefit. They will be auctioned online this November. To learn more about this very important fundraiser check out the Robert's Snow website here.

The snowflakes can be previewed on their website mid-September.
I was honored to be able to participate this year. Here is the snowflake that I painted which will be included in the auction.

"Hanging Popcorn at the Beaver Lodge"

Front -

Back -


Frizz said...

This is SO sweet. Beavers are one of my favorite subject matters. I wish I was published so I could participate.

Very sad news.

coloredsock said...

hey Amy. so fun. i have 3 or more friends from HK who have done this for years...but i never really knew what it was for. what a great thing, and so cool you participated this year.i particularly love the guy on the back side.hehe.

farah said...

Your beaver characters are absolutely wonderful!