Old work, updates, etc.

I was changing out a couple of designs on my website and found this old piece I sold several years back. I think it is so simple and sweet. I also thought I would share this other design of sheep that was always one of my favorites and one of my first designs. It also has a sweet simplicity to it. I am constantly trying to balance staying loose and fresh and hoping to be marketable (so I can make a living) at the same time. When I look at my old work I am a little jealous of how much easier it was for me to stay loose (as ridiculous as that might sound - being jealous of oneself). The more time you spend creating art for clients the more accomodating your style can become. On one hand it can be looked upon as a small space to dance in, on the other hand you have to stay on your toes. I don't think I always succeed at this.

Next week, in celebration of my fabrics finally hitting the retail shops, I will be giving away a free little goody that was sewn with some of the On A Whim fabrics. I will do a drawing. Just a way for me to say thanks for all the kind comments and e-mails I have been receiving. I can't begin to say how much all this support has meant. I also bought a 1940's vintage apron pattern and had a couple of aprons sewn with the farm prints from A Cow Says Moo. So please check back for some photos of those as well.


chq said...

I love your work - I work with children and your art reminds me of theirs - in the very best way. I try to draw, and it just looks like I'm trying to draw. Not very well I'm afraid. I'm Lizzy's Mom - at least I'm related to someone who can draw. Congratulations on your fabric.

Cherri House

Joan said...

I love those birds on the wires ( or clotheslines). Have you noticed how bird silhouettes are showing up on fabrics and other things lately? It must be your influence!
I enjoy your posts--thanks--

Catherine Louise Brown said...

really love your work, so fresh and original :)