New Work, Updates, etc.

This has been one of my busier weeks. I am trying to post a couple of times a week with new work, ideas, inspirations etc. I am juggling several projects, but really wanted to work on this underwater juvenile piece that I managed to finish. I am hoping to market it as wall art. I did two companion pieces for it as well. I would love feedback. Also, I found out that a fruit print I recently did was purchased by Crate and Barrel. I have also been busy reviewing layouts for the October release of fabrics which is going to be a Creatures and Critters group. So far they are looking promising. There are nine fabrics in this collection including reptiles, snails, birds, bugs, and monkeys. Lots of fun! Can't wait to actually see the finished fabrics.

New juvenile piece for Oopsy Daisy

This is a detail of the bigger piece.

Two comapnion pieces for Oopsy Daisy


michelle said...

Very cute, congrats!

Denyse said...

Congrats on Crate and Barrel! Also like the new underwater piece.

coloredsock said...

oh, dang girl! these are quite sensitive and strong! i love the fruit's color palette, too! i bet c&b will run with it. and the underwater pieces are really fun. i love the creatures expressions, and all the shapes and textures. i think the 2 companion pieces are particularly strong designs.

tiel S-K said...

these underwater pieces are great...it is a bit like looking through an aquarium. The companion pieces are really striking. Love the seahorses epecially.

well done.

Char said...

The crabs are so sweet!

tashina said...

Lovely work. Especially like the little puffer fish. :)