Harry and David Catalogue

I spied one of my Christmas tree patterns in the current Harry and David catalogue.


Blueberry Diapers

Here is a recent design that I sold to Blueberry Diapers. Check out their wonderful company and product line.



I have been doing a bit of painting lately - check out my painting blog and my painting Etsy shop. Just added this floral study....


Creatures and Critters 3 update and another fabric collection

Creatures and Critters 3 was slotted for this fall but will now be released in January '15 and ship to stores April '15, so we have to wait a wee bit longer for these. I am so excited about this collection, I think you will love it. 

Also, I will have a new collection following in 2015 called Jump into Spring. Here is a sneaky peek:
This is a really fun, whimsical, happy collection that I also think you will enjoy! Can't wait to share these goodies with you.