Diving Ducks

Today is the official release date for "Hidden City", a book of beautiful, fun poems about nature in urban environments. Written by Sarah Grace Tuttle for Eerdman's. Pick it up at your favorite bookseller. Here are a couple of diving ducks featured in the book.



Cheeky little squirrel making a run for it! A little scene from "Hidden City" which releases on 3/8.


Inky's Great Adventure

I can finally share some exciting news. I had the great pleasure to illustrate a children's book, "Inky's Great Adventure" written by Sy Montgomery, acclaimed author of "The Soul of an Octopus". It is the true story of a very clever octopus named Inky who escaped the New Zealand Aquarium and found his way home. Chock full of octopus facts, it was so much fun bringing Inky to life on the page. Now available for pre-sale online and due in book stores Oct '18. 


Illustration Nation

I am so excited to share this new klass at Sketchbook Skool, Illustrator Nation, with nine illustrators including myself. Enrollment is now open and klass starts Feb 19. Join us and learn about illustrating projects for major companies and book publishers. Klass includes tips, videos, assignments and a large community to share your progress. Also,I have two free enrollments to give away, just leave me a comment and/or email me and let me know your interest. Come join the fun!! Register at sketchbookskool.com