3x3 magazine

So honored to get a merit award in the 3x3 picturebook show and see my name on a list with some of my favorite artists. Here is a list of all the selections - http://3x3mag.com/shows/picturebook-shows/pictureshowwinners


Designs Show up in Odd Places

So I am at the doctor's office yesterday and as my nurse is talking to me I interrupt her and say, "I think you are wearing one of my designs." Sure enough she was... designs can show up in very odd places.



I recently ordered these leggings from Print All Over Me. I have been placing this design on multiple products and I must say this has to be my favorite placement of the design.


Decatur Art Festival

We had a wonderful opening at the Decatur Library during the Decatur Art Festival this weekend. If you are local to Atlanta check out some of the work from local children's illustrators. The show will be up for the next two weeks.

Here are some pics

Illustrators - Laura Freeman, Prescott Hill, Joe Davich (Georgia Center for the Book), moi, Mark Braught, Lee Mayer - wife to Bill Mayer, Elizabeth Dulemba, and Zach Steele (also of the GCB)

Lovely to see so many people enjoying the books.

There is more information and pictures from the show on Elizabeth's blog.