Surtex Flyer

I am not sure if I will be attending, but my work will be at Surtex -

Rainbow Bird

Here are some illustrations from a recent project - an Australian folk tale about the rainbow bird, commonly known as the rainbow lorikeet. In the tale, the lorikeet which starts out grey obtains his beautiful colors from the rainbow.


Still Hip to be Blair

Nice article about the incredible Mary Blair. Check it out here - I was interviewed for the article along with some of my favorite artists.


Hippo Giftwrap

I just ordered some hippo gift wrap from my Spoonflower shop - the colors came out so great in this print process, a little hard to see in the photo. Yummy enough to frame.



I was hopping around Pinterest today and found an illustration I did on a trend board on writeontrend.com for Summer 2014. The illustration was purchased by Hallmark.